Nursing Homes

CG: Seriously people - again with this?

A: Do they think this is funny? A million cute outfits in the closest and they need to do this with us in our diapers. What the heck!

CG: Get your hand out of my face!
CG: I'm serious Avah! Quit being a CAMERA HOG!
A: Look at Me! Look at Me!CG: A little help here!!! Can somebody tell this girl this isn't Days of Our Lives and there is no need for all this drama!
A: But MMMMMOOOOOOOOMMMMMMM! A: My moment in the sun - stolen!
CG: Oh, puhlease- nobody reads this but our moms.

CG: Quick, let's roll over so they can't get their pictures.
A: No way girl! This diaper makes my butt look huge. You are on your own with that!

A: Oh, Carli that is not your best angle.
CG: Yeah, and the couch tastes horrible. Someday I'm going to remind them of this when I'm picking out their nursing home!

A: Where are you guys going?

CG: Momma? Daddy? I was just kidding!


  1. you have way to much free time to be able to come up with this, but it is still cute.

  2. They look like they could be sisters! CHUNKERS! :)

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  4. Rachel... you are such a dork. But I love you.