The Many Faces of Carli Grace

There is something about Mommy with a camera that makes Carli Grace make every face except a happy one.

This is her...I'm busy eating my hands get out of my face Mom look.

Yes, I see you Mom, so quit talking to me like I'm a chimpanzee look.

Maybe if I ignore her she'll go away look.

Come on Mother this is getting old look.

I'm done with you!

Geez, alright - will you leave me alone if I smile?

Whatever! Here. Are you happy now?


  1. I love coming to your blog first thing in the morning, because It seems like I always need a smile or laugh in the morning, and your blogs crack me up everyday! I love the sayings that go with your pictures! Keep them coming!!!
    Love ya, Jen!

  2. "I'm done with you!" is my favorite.

    And clearly the reason she smiled in the last one picture and not the others is the different shirt she was wearing....