Gentle Boys

Sunday was Tiff's birthday so we all got together for a little bbq. We laid Carli Grace and Jenna down on a blanket to get some pictures of the two of them (watch for them in a future post!) and eventually all the boys gathered around.

It really amazes me how gentle they all are for the most part. I'm thinking that it is because there has basically been a baby around for all of their lives, but it still touches my heart to see them stroke the girls and talk to them so delicately.

Aunt Bridget (aka Baby Hog) and Carli Grace got to catch up on all the latest gossip.
Danny takes after his Mommy and is probably the biggest boy baby hog! He is enthralled with the girls and will talk to them and tell them he loves them. It is the sweetest thing.And Tucker was doling out hugs and "mooches" for Carli Grace.

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  1. There is something so precious about seeing the boys all in Star Wars get-up, camouflage, and Karate Kid-like headband bandanas, snuggling up to little baby girls doused in pink :) TOO CUTE!!!