Bunco Night

Last weekend I hosted a Bunco Night...two fantastic things about Bunco - girls only! and the food!!!! YUMMY! Unfortunately this time around it just turned out to be a bad weekend for a lot of ladies - we only had 16. But I think everyone there had a great time. As always we had a few newbies, but since Bunco is so mindless and really just an excuse to get together and talk about...let's see what did we talk about - well I was part of conversations about boob jobs, divorce, weddings, breastfeeding and using your husband to induce labor. For some reason these controversial/interesting/fun topics tended to follow my table. I guess that might have something to do with the fact that I'll talk about anything. :)

This is the Bunco Queen Karen...or at least she was the Bunco Queen until she was dethroned by her own daughter....does anyone else find that so typical!

Emily was SUPER excited about her first BUNCO EVER! And her possession of the Bunco Bear. Unfortunately for Emily it was not meant to be and the bear was swiftly taken from her.

These gals were there - Katie J, Jenny, Tiffany (and Jenna) and Emily.

Kathy pretended to be happy even though she was in the middle of one heck of a losing streak. As her partner this round it was my job to break that losing streak, however, that was not meant to be. Poor Kathy! :(

Miss Jenna came to play/sleep.

Although Bunco is a mindless game there were those of us (myself included) that had a hard time keeping their tally marks straight.

If there was a prize for biggest loser I think I would have gotten it, but I didn't let it get me down.


  1. I had a BLAST! And so did my friend Sara. Good food, Good conversation, good times. And Bunco is not as intimidating as I thought it would be. It is truly mindless and wonderful.

  2. Had a blast, even though I never did break that losing streak! Can' wait for the next one. Maybe I will get a BUNCO!