Beautiful Weekend

Could the weather this weekend have been any better? I mean seriously people it's March and my kiddos were in shorts! We had a sleepover, a soccer game, a day at the park and dinner with friends three times! So basically all the usual stuff chaos, craziness and fun. Of course when asked yesterday what he did all weekend Andrew's answer was "Oh, just sat around." Luckily for me I have photo evidence that we did not "sit around"...we hardly ever "sit around".

Uncle Mike and Benny got a game of Battleship in.

You can see that Benny had Mike on the run, but ended up winning by only one bomb!

Saturday we met the Carrs at the park before dinner to enjoy the beautiful weather. I got some great shots of Sammie! Stay tuned for those...they deserve their own post. Something about pigtails that makes me just want to stalk them with my camera! The boys had a blast. My shots of Andrew were limited because he didn't want to stop playing tag long enough to smile...and he was moving too fast for me to keep up!

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