3 Truths and 2 Lies - Revealed

So, did you think you knew me and my tatt obsession or hate? Here they are...the answers everyone wants to know.

1. I allowed someone to pick out my tattoo because they were paying for it. – Yes, I really was this dumb…but in my defense I was 16. You can’t be blamed for anything you did at 16 – unless of course it is now a permanent part of your anatomy that you have to explain to your children.

2. I want Mike to get sleeved. – Uh, NO…not a chance…don’t even think about it…seriously, not cool with me. BIG FAT LIE

3. I'm considering a new tattoo for myself. – Yep, I am…no one thought it, but I have in fact been considering it. Luckily, for me I haven’t even told Mike that yet so no one could guess! But instead he did that crazy thing where is actually in my head and read my mind. UGH!

4. Mike got a tattoo as a Valentine's gift for me. – Have you seen the barbed wire people…very hot! Yummy! I begged. He said it was too expensive. I said then make it a present for me. Done!5. I won't be completely convinced Mike loves me until he gets my name inked. - Do you honestly think I lack that much self confidence???? BIG FAT LIE

By the way, I was wrong...Mike got them right! :) Dang him and his mind reading abilities!
So did my baby brother, Vince. I must try harder next time!


  1. Okay, how long have I know you? And I had no idea that you had a tatoo.

  2. I think that you should get a little smurf to go with your shroom. HAHAHA! Who gets a tat of a mushroom anyway??

  3. BFF

    I don't think the comment about the valentines gift is fair...I was thinking you meant this year!!! No fair!