I know I've been a little lax the past couple days. Some things just have to fall through the cracks sometimes and well, my little blog happens to be one of those things. I just want to update you all and let you know that yes, posts with words are coming soon! I think. I'll give you one more day to chime in on the 3 Truths and 2 Lies post...so take advantage of the extra days.

Coming soon - posts about the fourteen children in my house Saturday night!

Some Dang Cute Kids - March 2009

I know this is a day early, but quite frankly I haven't gotten around to editing all my pictures from the weekend. I'm planning on getting to this tomorrow, so stay tuned for pics from our hectic weekend - hint, hint - there were 14 children in my house Saturday night!!! In the mean time enjoy Some Dang Cute Kids.




Carli Grace



Do you know I could be home with these two right now????

Mommy and George Day

Mommy and George day was a success, if I do say so myself. It started off with a trip to the mall for new shoes - oddly George enjoys shopping for shoes, which may have to do with the cookie and balloon that Stride Rite gives.

After that we stopped at George's old preschool to visit his teachers and for him to talk to all the Cardinals (pre-k's) about Kindergarten. He told them all about it and then took questions from the audience, but only if they raised their hand like they would have to in Kindergarten!

Then we headed to First Watch for our favorite breakfast/lunch - yummy! After several hours at the Magic House we decided that ice cream was in order!
One Oreo Cookie Blast (thanks for teaching him about that Grandma!) and a mini webkinz later and it was a successful day! George kept asking me if I was having a good time and saying - this was a great idea mom, I love mommy and George day, this is so fun...I guess I had forgotten how long it had been since just him and I did something together.

3 Truths and 2 Lies - Mike's Edition

I'm thinking most of you know Mike well enough or have heard me talk about Mike enough that you should do fairly well on this, but I guess we'll find out.

Here are 3 Truths and 2 Lies that pertain to my husband...who knows him best?!

1. Mike is addicted to Reality TV.
2. Mike won a trip to Hawaii.
3. Mike has competed in MMA (mixed martial arts).
4. Mike wears a size 13 shoe.
5. Since Mike works outside he WAY prefers working in the summer.

So go ahead - overwhelm me with your intense knowledge of my husband.

Soul Train

J: Carli let's dance! Mmmm! Yeah - feel the music!
CG: This must be one of those times were my cheeks are too heavy again. I can't feel the music?
J: Get down with your bad self!
J: Come on Carli. Move your body! You can do it. Yeah!
CG: Okay, okay Jenna! I got this!
CG: Work it girl!
J: To the left, to the left.CG: Everybody say OHHHHH OHHHHH!J: What kind of moves are those?

J: Somebody get me out of here. This girl has no rhythem! She's tearing up my game.


Gentle Boys

Sunday was Tiff's birthday so we all got together for a little bbq. We laid Carli Grace and Jenna down on a blanket to get some pictures of the two of them (watch for them in a future post!) and eventually all the boys gathered around.

It really amazes me how gentle they all are for the most part. I'm thinking that it is because there has basically been a baby around for all of their lives, but it still touches my heart to see them stroke the girls and talk to them so delicately.

Aunt Bridget (aka Baby Hog) and Carli Grace got to catch up on all the latest gossip.
Danny takes after his Mommy and is probably the biggest boy baby hog! He is enthralled with the girls and will talk to them and tell them he loves them. It is the sweetest thing.And Tucker was doling out hugs and "mooches" for Carli Grace.

Are You Talking To Me?

Oh, I'm sorry. Were you talking to me?


I saw this on a website today and it totally cracked me up. So now you know my superpower...what's yours?

My Busy Girl

Whenever I want pictures of my girl lately I have to catch her off guard. I like to try and catch her off guard or when she is really busy.

She's busy whole lot trying to eat her hands.

Sometimes she is busy pondering world peace - otherwise known as pooping.

And sometimes her big brother has her TOTALLY enthralled with him.

But then she catches me...and the jig is up...and my serious girl is back.

Boys, Boys, and More Boys - Tucker

And last but not least, Pa Pa's littlest Dude, Tucker.

Boy, Boys, and More Boys - Stephen

Yes, I know technically Danny is next, but somehow I managed to not get a single shot...not even a bad shot...of Danny. How does that happen???

Stephen was feeling a little camera shy, but once Uncle Mike got his car moving he forgot I was there.

Boys, Boys, and More Boys - George

George couldn't have love the spring weather any more!

Boys, Boys, and More Boys - Jake

Jake is ususally one of the most photogenic, but last weekend he was just moving to fast for me to keep up.

Boys, Boys, and More Boys - Andrew

I decided to start off the week with a break from my regularly scheduled baby posts and post some pictures of the most abundant thing in my life - little boys. Dang cute little boys!
Normally I would go oldest to youngest, but Benny begged me to stay away from him with my camera. Next in line is Andrew -

Nom Nom

This is my girl imatating me nom noming her belly.


We get this look from people a lot. Note the envy.

They are waiting for Carli Grace to fuss, scream and go crazy. For some unknown reason she is very conscious of company and rarely does that when we are with other people. Now granted that is a good thing for when we are trying to socialize, but our friends (all of whom have new babies it seems) tend to get the impression that we have NO clue what they are going through when their babies are fussy.

So here is a reminder to all our friends that our girl is NOT always content. Aunt Tiffany got a first hand show.