Funny enough only two people got the right answers - my mother and my husband. Weird how that works...I'd venture to say my BFF and my baby brother would have also, but they are both way too busy to reply or talk for that matter (just teasing). So here it is:

1. I love pain medication! -LIE hate it...don't take it...I bribe my husband with it instead. This is the same reason I've never tried drugs - I'm a control freak and anything that my inhibit my control is not something I'll do.

2. I shave my legs daily no matter what. TRUTH...seriously I'd rather leave my house without breakfast than without shaving my legs.

3. I fell out of a van and broke my arm. LIE This did actually happen to someone close to me - any guesses as to who?

4. I've hit someone over the head with a pot before. TRUTH Sometimes I think it is a miracle my brothers still speak to me. :)

5. I hate the spice rosemary with a passion. TRUTH I could tell you why I hate it, but it would fall into the TMI category, so just let your imagination run wild. :)

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  1. So funny. I also shave my legs daily no matter what, and cannot stand rosemary. Who would have thunk it.