Fight Night Strikes Again

Another great night with friends and we had all the usual stuff.

Carli Grace Snuggling. By the way - Aunt Bridget is a baby hog.
Wii Sports
Baby Feeding - Brenna is the only baby we know that out eats Carli Grace.

Mom doing anything besides watching the fight. On this particular night she is working on my families Christmas stockings, but there is always some project or seems baby blankets are the project that she keeps having to go back to.

And crisis solving - Tucker got a fishy from the Go Fishing game stuck on his finger. :) Daddy swooped in and saved the day! But of course since scrapbooking must prevail as all important Bridget snapped a picture before Ben was allowed to remove the biting fish.

Stay tuned - Mike finally found a safe way to have the boys compete...

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  1. BFF Bridget---
    I am not a baby hog...they just love me!