Blog Block

It seems that I have blog block. It's not that I don't have things to blog about and plenty of pictures to blog with. The real problem is now that I'm addicted to Photoshop I can't post pictures until they've been properly you must wait until I get around to that. :)

So, since I've nothing else to post today - although we did have a very busy weekend (shocker!) here is a picture especially for Jessie (she's nervous right now - I know it!). Mike went through a bunch of pictures at his mom's recently - you know he is searching for as much evidence as possible that Carli Grace looks like him even though no one is arguing the fact - and came across some very cute old pictures. So if you knew Mike in the 80s there is a good chance you will be making the blog sometime soon! Today is Jessie's (Mike's cousin - Zooey's mom) turn. Don't panic Jess! I picked a good one!

Katie're next!

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  1. first of all, let me say i absolutely adore this picture. secondly, i'm horrified as to what picture you're going to embarrass me with...there's so many to choose from!