Some Dang Cute Kids - February 2009



George Sammie

Carli Grace

My Dang Cute Kids

Party Time

A: Pssst! Hey see our Daddies over there?

C: Are you kidding me? Of course, I can't see cheeks are weighing my face down. Why? What's up?

A: They're packing the car and heading out of town

C: Huh? I gotta see this...give me a minute....

C: Wait for it...
C: ...whew! Finally. Huh, you're right!

A: You know what this means don't you?

C: Ummmm? Nope, not a clue.

A: Party time! When Daddies are away the girls get to play!

C: Sweeeeeet! Make sure everyone knows to Bring Your Own Bottle!

A: BYOB for sure!!!! That's how we roll.

C: Wait...they're all looking at us...hush it up.

A: Oh, we are SOOOOOOOOOOO busted.....Party? No Daddy we don't know anything about a party? Why would you ask Daddy?

C: Pssst...quick smile pretty...Daddies like that!

Learn A Little Link A Lot

I thought it would be fun to post Learn A Little, Link A Lot!
What is this, you ask?
This is a post to allow all of us bloggers to get to know each other a little better.
Here is what you do:
1. Post 10 things about yourself.
2. Post 5 blogs that you really enjoy to go to.
3. Post 1 thing that you received for FREE lately that you are really excited about!
4. Come back here and post on Mr. Linky so we can all learn a little bit about you.
If you don't have a blog, please post a comment here with your things.I would love to know a little more about all you wonderful people!
(Please don't post things that will make you a target for spam or otherwise not nice people.)

10 Things About Myself:

1. I could eat Mexican or Chinese (only from NoCo) every day of my life - although my daughter would probably rather I didn't.

2. My husband is probably the only human being who has ever completely "got" me, which makes me wonder why he still chose to marry me. He may be a bad judge of character.

3. I find tatoos VERY sexy...on guys. Girls - don't do it!

4. I've never had to potty train anyone!

5. I thrive on stress...I don't deal with it well, but I don't like not having it.

6. I am scared to death of being stuck in traffic on a bridge...moving to St. Charles County has been very rough on me!

7. When I clean house I get sidetracked easily to bigger projects...I get this from my mother.

8. I get a lot from my mother.

9. Both my brother's are smarter than me and it really ticks me off, but since they are both also aware that I'm always right I can cope.

10. I would love to be a teacher for a living, but just can't get over the money part of that.

5 Blogs I Really Enjoy (I love all of your blogs - narrowing to just five is SO hard, but check out my blog roll for all the blogs I love!)

1. Motherhood Uncensored
2. The Other K Wick - I've never seen her closet, but I'm pretty sure she may be the only person I know that has more shoes than me.
3. The Pioneer Woman - Love her photography tutorials!!!
4. Great Photoshop Tutoring!
5. Playgroups Are No Place For Children

What I Received Free Lately:

Sub from!!! Thanks Steve!

Fight Night Strikes Again

Another great night with friends and we had all the usual stuff.

Carli Grace Snuggling. By the way - Aunt Bridget is a baby hog.
Wii Sports
Baby Feeding - Brenna is the only baby we know that out eats Carli Grace.

Mom doing anything besides watching the fight. On this particular night she is working on my families Christmas stockings, but there is always some project or seems baby blankets are the project that she keeps having to go back to.

And crisis solving - Tucker got a fishy from the Go Fishing game stuck on his finger. :) Daddy swooped in and saved the day! But of course since scrapbooking must prevail as all important Bridget snapped a picture before Ben was allowed to remove the biting fish.

Stay tuned - Mike finally found a safe way to have the boys compete...

Some Stuff We've Done Lately

Visited with Jessie, Ben and Zooey.

Attended Maddie's baptism.

This is Jenny pretending it isn't her baby that is screaming through the service. While Brian tries to quiet her down.

Yep, still in denial.

Our boys even served as towel boys for Father Joe and all the babies. They did a fantastic job and didn't even argue. George picked the towels up and passed them to Andrew and Andrew gave them to the parents.


What is it about cameras that makes small boys do this?

Baby Lover

Did you know that my husband has always loved babies? Or at least appeared to like his little sister.

In his mad search to prove to anyone that will listen that Carli Grace looks like him we came across these photos of him and Katie J. So sweet!

Do You Smell That?

CG: Avah, is that you?

A: No, I thought it was you Carli.

CG: Let's just look cute and they'll think it was one of our Dads.

Jenna Lee

I went over to Tiff and Gary's Saturday to visit them and see Miss Jenna. I also thought I'd strip her down and take some pictures so I could continue to play with my new Photoshop obsession. When I got there she was contentedly sleeping with her cousin Megan.
Then I stripped her and the screaming started and basically destroyed the relative peace that Tiff and Gary were having at that point in the day. I never did get any naked baby pictures, but I got tons of these.

Way to go Aunt Rachel!

Blog Block

It seems that I have blog block. It's not that I don't have things to blog about and plenty of pictures to blog with. The real problem is now that I'm addicted to Photoshop I can't post pictures until they've been properly you must wait until I get around to that. :)

So, since I've nothing else to post today - although we did have a very busy weekend (shocker!) here is a picture especially for Jessie (she's nervous right now - I know it!). Mike went through a bunch of pictures at his mom's recently - you know he is searching for as much evidence as possible that Carli Grace looks like him even though no one is arguing the fact - and came across some very cute old pictures. So if you knew Mike in the 80s there is a good chance you will be making the blog sometime soon! Today is Jessie's (Mike's cousin - Zooey's mom) turn. Don't panic Jess! I picked a good one!

Katie're next!

My New Favorite Thing (material that is)

Here it is. The vehicle that makes my life easier.
Oh, and it looks really cute like this.

My Bruiser

Well Andrew wouldn't let me take a picture of his first black eye to scrapbook, but George did.

Apparently he was wrestling and ran into a table. It's a miracle this hasn't happened sooner since he tends to take after his Mommy in the grace and coordination - or lack thereof - department.

Round We Go

The two musts while at the zoo.

The Merry Go Round - well except for Andrew and I - it makes both of us sick.

Nate and Sammie


Bridget and Tucker

Kathy and Jake

The Train

Mike - Rachel - Carli

Tucker - Bridget - Ben

Kelly - Brenna - Sammie - Nate

All the boys were there too, but they all had to be cool and sit at the back of the train, so I don't have pictures - but Kathy does.