Our Holidays - Part 5

Yes, at some point these posts will end. In fact, except for New Year's Eve this is our last holiday post. Sunday we celebrated Christmas with the Hessel clan. We enjoyed some delicious chicken and dumplings and all the boys got to play.

We also had the mass chaos of opening gifts.

This is PaPa making the boys do silly things with their hands until we could get all the gifts passed out.

Mike hogging all Carli's gifts.

And, we took some group photos.

MaMa and PaPa with all their grandkids.

Our Three Families

And as we have had at each Christmas gathering there was some Carli snuggling.


  1. Cute pics!!!! I can't believe I haven't seen Carli yet and she is a month old!! Hope all is well!

  2. you need to write into dictionary.com and inform them that "carli snuggling" is now a commonly used verb.