My Plan

So I've decided to move forward with a plan to make life more organized and therefore make myself happier. Organization is so important to me and I'm super stressed that without it when I go back to work things will just be a here's the plan -

1. Chore List - for ALL four of us. The boys are going to get an allowance for a set amount of things that must be accomplished. And Mike and I will each have our individual responsibilities.

2. Errand Assignments - Mike will handle Sam's and the bank. I handle groceries, clothes and gifts.

3. Meal Planning - two weeks at a time. each boy will pick a dinner of their choice during the two weeks and they will help make it as well.

4. Better Weekday Schedule - ie. Home, Snack, Chores, Play, Dinner, Homework, Play/Dessert, Bed - this way everyone knows the plan and everything gets done.

So I'm excited. Mike's on board. We are on our way to happy people.

1 comment:

  1. This sounds like a very good plan to me! I am a huge fan of the boys-helping-with-the-cooking. When Andrew (and George (and Carli)) start learning fractions, baking is a great way to teach them!

    I'll be in St. Louis the weekend of Feb. 20th (tentatively).