A Month Past

Most of you know that I'm one of those crazy people about pictures and scrapbooking. Because of this I get my babies pictures taken every month in their first year. (For all that think that's nuts I paid $8 for these pictures...so keep your opinion to yourself.) They change so much in the first year!!!

Here's Carli's first month (oh, and these were taken when she was a month old, but I'm just now getting around to scanning them! sorry!)


  1. Too cute! I don't think you are crazy, because I'm one of those crazy moms that gets their kids pictures taken every month also! And make scrapbooks for their first year and the whole nine yards! So your not crazy!

  2. I'd like to learn how to scrapbook...I'm getting at the age where I need a hobby that doesn't involve drinking or a bar (i.e. darts). Plus, one of these days I might even have some kiddos of my own and this makes for a nice memory!

  3. I used to make fun of people who got their kid's pic taken every month, but now I am one of them...I can't help myself :) I am trying to catch up on scrapbooking myself, so if you want to try to get together one evening that would be fun.