Guess What I Got For New Year's

So Christmas Eve I got five and a half hours of sleep in a row. New Year's Eve I only got four and a half in a row...although still mighty impressive it can't top the feeling I got this morning when I pulled on my jeans, pulled them up past my thighs, jumped a little to get them over my rear end, held my breath, buttoned and zipped them...oh, and did I mention these were my prepregnancy jeans!!! And quite frankly I had to go through that same dance to get into them before I got pregnant. :)

I'm psyched and ready to attack my Wii Fit so that I can not only wear these jeans, but I can wear them with no muffin top. In the mean time I'll be wearing them with baggy tops just because I can. I love breast feeding! Weight loss is so much easier that way!

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