The Bewitching Hour

The bewitching hour - actually hoursssss - arrive swiftly at our house like clockwork. 6 p.m. the fussing starts. We bounce, we walk, we sing, we stay in constant motion all in waiting for the arrival of 7:15 p.m. - that's when the screaming starts. And that is Mommy only time. I've actually found that I can use it as an exercise routine. I jog up and down the stairs....she likes the bouncing. I fly her on my legs while doing crunches...again she likes the bouncing. I turn on the Wii Fit and hula hoop...she doesn't generally like this one, but my legs are so tired from all the bouncing we don't have a choice. Then I race Andrew in Wii Fit...back to the bouncing. The minute I stop moving - the screaming starts. The evening progress like this until about 9:15 when she finally passes out from exhaustion and we veg on the couch for a few minutes of peace.

After our peace and quiet I wake her up at 10 for a bottle and bed. She's a totally different baby after ten. If you can just get to ten o'clock you have the sweetest little girl ever! I live for ten o'clock.

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