2009 - The Year of the Mom

As part of Motherhood Uncensored's Year of the Mom contest I've compiled the following list of how I'm going to take better care of myself in 2009. Hopefully by taking better care of myself I'll be better able to care, love and enjoy my family.

-I'll exercise more. The goal being to stay in my size 8's with zero muffin top.

-I'll host an entire event at my home (probably the next kid's birthday party) without yelling at my husband a single time before guests arrive...let's be realistic...I'll only yell twice.

-I'll get caught up on my scrapbooking before I go back to work and then won't stress that I'll never be caught up again.

-I'll have one me day per month. On a me day no cleaning, errand running, or phone calls can be made.

-I'll go on a vacation with my husband and children and won't stress out if it doesn't go as perfectly as I had planned.

-I'll put less stock in my fabulous ideas. Creating an ideal childhood is fine and all, but it is rather exhausting and I don't think the boys have noticed.

These are big shoes to fill for 2009.

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