The Last of the Magic

The boys both got to go fishing. Luckily we got to do it inside otherwise we'd have been ice fishing! Pa Pa sent me into a frenzy by actually allowing these "nails" to touch him not to mention he opened his mouth. Going to places like this and not wanting to squirt my children down with Lysol when we are done is a real stretch for me. This is just WAY over the top.

George and I had a blast playing with this air blowy thingy.
And I even got to be a supermodel! Nothing like the sexy windblown look.

Magnets might have been George's favorite part.

Mark and I got all staticed up.

All in all a great day at a super fun place! You should check it out.

Carli's Magic House

Yep, she looked like this the WHOLE time.

More Magic

No trip to the Magic House is complete without a dozen trips down the huge slide - and this trip was no exception.

Mark enjoyed making music on the bubble organ.

I asked George if he was an elf making shoes - "No mom! I'm a cobbler. Cobblers make shoes." Right.

My Plan

So I've decided to move forward with a plan to make life more organized and therefore make myself happier. Organization is so important to me and I'm super stressed that without it when I go back to work things will just be a here's the plan -

1. Chore List - for ALL four of us. The boys are going to get an allowance for a set amount of things that must be accomplished. And Mike and I will each have our individual responsibilities.

2. Errand Assignments - Mike will handle Sam's and the bank. I handle groceries, clothes and gifts.

3. Meal Planning - two weeks at a time. each boy will pick a dinner of their choice during the two weeks and they will help make it as well.

4. Better Weekday Schedule - ie. Home, Snack, Chores, Play, Dinner, Homework, Play/Dessert, Bed - this way everyone knows the plan and everything gets done.

So I'm excited. Mike's on board. We are on our way to happy people.

Some Dang Cute Kids - 7

Ballard Look-alike Meter

MyHeritage: Look-alike Meter - Family search - Genealogies

Magic House

You are now entering a series of posts about our recent trip to the Magic House. In case you haven't been since the renovations were completed it is VERY cool. The beanstalk through three floors was a big hit with the boys (George and Mark).
Even Grandma took a turn.

Nesting Late

Do you think it is possible that I'm nesting after I gave birth instead of before? All I can think about is that I go back to work in a week and a half and I've accomplished none of my goals except the most important one - I've bonded with my daughter. Yes, I know what you are happy you got to do that and leave it at that. That is not my personality. And just when I think I'm going to have a few minutes to do something that is important to me like reorganize a closet or pay bills or finally make all my Christmas returns we end up with a snow day and a sick baby. Not to mention the fact that the things that are important to me to get done are not exactly at the top or even on the list of the other adult in my household. So basically all "free" time I've had has been spent making dinner, cleaning dinner, doing laundry and pumping. Long story projects are just getting worse and it is starting to push me over the edge. I'm not happy folks...definitely not happy.

My How Time Flies

I can so clearly remember this Christmas of 2005. George was SO proud that baby Mark could sit on his lap. Time goes by so fast... Now George is so proud he can carry Mark on his back. "I'm strong enough to give horse rides Mom."


In case you don't know there is nothing sexier then a man in jeans with a baby. It's an instant turn on - at least for me when it's my man and my baby. yummy!

The Bewitching Hour

The bewitching hour - actually hoursssss - arrive swiftly at our house like clockwork. 6 p.m. the fussing starts. We bounce, we walk, we sing, we stay in constant motion all in waiting for the arrival of 7:15 p.m. - that's when the screaming starts. And that is Mommy only time. I've actually found that I can use it as an exercise routine. I jog up and down the stairs....she likes the bouncing. I fly her on my legs while doing crunches...again she likes the bouncing. I turn on the Wii Fit and hula hoop...she doesn't generally like this one, but my legs are so tired from all the bouncing we don't have a choice. Then I race Andrew in Wii Fit...back to the bouncing. The minute I stop moving - the screaming starts. The evening progress like this until about 9:15 when she finally passes out from exhaustion and we veg on the couch for a few minutes of peace.

After our peace and quiet I wake her up at 10 for a bottle and bed. She's a totally different baby after ten. If you can just get to ten o'clock you have the sweetest little girl ever! I live for ten o'clock.


We LOVE BounceU! If you haven't been there - GO! The boys had a good time shooting at each other.

And all of us climbed Spider Mountain and took a turn going down the big slide...and let me tell you that thing is HARD to climb!


My girl has my nose and possibly my temper! Poor Daddy!
Oh yeah, and at certain angles we also have matching chin rolls.

Group Pictures

My cousin Josh left for Boot Camp on Wednesday and before he left my Grandma wanted some pictures of her grandkids together. So Monday night we all got together for dinner at Grandma's and took some pictures. Here's just a few.

Bob and Angela with Bob actually smiling decently! Yeah! Vince and Emily

Me and My Bros

Grandma with all her grandkids.
Bobby - Grandma - Rachel - Vince
Josh - Nick - Amy

The Lurtz Family

A Month Past

Most of you know that I'm one of those crazy people about pictures and scrapbooking. Because of this I get my babies pictures taken every month in their first year. (For all that think that's nuts I paid $8 for these keep your opinion to yourself.) They change so much in the first year!!!

Here's Carli's first month (oh, and these were taken when she was a month old, but I'm just now getting around to scanning them! sorry!)

Many Faces of Vince