A Whole Lot of Nothing

Sorry folks...I have nothing. Nothing to blog about. How you may wonder is that possible? Two incredibly humorous boys and a new baby - surely there is something. Well let me tell you my problem. I'm too Type A, which means I can't blog without doing it right. Doing it right means I must have the appropriate photos to go with the appropriate blog, however, I don't seem to have time to download these amazing photos. Since I don't have time to download the photos I can't blog about them because it wouldn't be done with 100% efficiency and perfection...and why do something if it won't be efficient and perfect. So here's a brief download of the small portion of our lives that can be blogged about without my carting my happy butt back up the stairs to track down the camera, to download pictures, which will finish downloading just in time for Carli to want more to eat or me to need to pump. This may sound like complaining, but let me assure you I love my life I just get extremely stressed out and crabby when things don't go down like I think they should. Basically, the pile of dishes in my sink, laundry in the boys' hampers, piles of mail, presents to be wrapped (I can't even think about the ones that still need to be bought!), pumping to do, and the fact that my children will not be able to put out cookies for Santa if I don't get on the ball and make some...or at the very least remember to buy some is all starting to stress me out and I just want Thursday to be over...soon!

Happier notes:
-Our good friends Nathan and Kelly welcomed their daughter into the world this morning. Mommy and Brenna are doing great and I can't wait to go see them tomorrow.

-Andrew informed me that if I hooked him up to my breast pump (although he thinks I hook it to my stomach - I don't know why he thinks that, but I've yet to correct him.) I would get tons of milk for Carli because he drinks more milk then anyone he knows.

-George has been having a great time at Grandma and Papa's house spending the night last night and as if he knows how stressed I am asked if he could spend the night again tonight. Woohoo! I might actually finish shopping if Mike ever gets out of traffic and home to be with Carli. Although cooking baking is also sounding like a good option!! Is it possible that I may be able to complete both tasks in one night?!?!? I can dream!

Unhappier notes:
-It took St. Luke's lab two hours to draw blood from my baby girl today. This involved a lot of screaming and band aids on Carli's part and then a lot of crying, yelling, demanding and sobbing on Mommy's part.

So maybe tomorrow my download can happen and we can return to posts that involve oohing and aahing over Some Dang Cute Kids!

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  1. yes yes, i do have a blog. i just recently created it though because i thought your's was such a good idea. and sometimes i just need to vent. but anywho, you're hair looked absolutely adorable today :) and baby carli is cuter than ever. can't wait to see you again tomorrow at angie's.