The Story

Finally, finally I am sitting down to type actual words, although I'm doing this one handed while pumping, which pretty much seems to be the only way I'm on the computer lately. :)
So here it is - the story of the easiest birth ever (or at least in my opinion)!

We arrived at St. Luke's at 7:30 a.m. as scheduled.

By the time everything was set up and they got my IV in (on the 2nd try - ugh!) pitocin was started around 9 a.m. and I was still just around 2 cm. The nurse stripped my membranes when she checked me and then we took to walking. They turned up my pitocin every half hour. We didn't get to walk for long because they couldn't seem to keep Carli's monitor working so we sat in our room and played Rummikub (Mike didn't even bother to let me win!). Around 10 a.m. the house doctor came in to break my water because my contractions were pretty regular. It took about 10 minutes for the contractions to start getting painful after that. About 2 hours later I decided I was done with this and asked for my epidural. By the time the anesthesia lady got there, got it in and the nurse checked me I was at 5 cm. The nurse told us that it generally went a centimeter per hour after that so expect around five hours. Bridget arrived shortly after that because she didn't believe the whole centimeter per hour statement. However, all the mom's stayed at work/home thinking we had time. Well an hour and a half later I started feeling "different" and they checked me only to find Carli's head - there - ready to push - LOVELY! Fast phone calls to grandma's and the doctor...we hung around for Dr. Jewell to arrive
and pretty much as he got there and I got ready to push my contractions stopped... yes, stopped. We sat around and waited for me to be able to push and finally one one counted but our guess is I pushed around ten times, got Carli's head and shoulders out, Dr. Jewell unlooped the cord from around her neck and I pulled her up onto my chest. It was AMAZING! A birth experience so different from the last one!
So far that is the story of our little girl's life...easy, content - makes momma happy! I couldn't have asked for anything better! My only regret is that not everyone arrived for the birth in time. One grandma made it right before the doctor, one grandma walked in as Carli was crowning, and one didn't make it until they were cleaning Carli up. :(

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