Our Holidays - Part 2

Christmas Eve we went to Great Grandma and Grandpa Jackson's (Dave's parents). Carli got all dressed up in her Christmas outfit. Then a Christmas miracle occurred. Dave helped out in the kitchen!! :) PaPa in the kitchen, what will Santa think of next!Next we headed over to Mike's Aunt Angie's house. Carli got to meet her new cousin Zooey for the first time! Zooey's mom, Jessie, and I were due on the same day. She ended up having Zooey two and half weeks before me. Do you remember when I was at the hospital and Mike came home from deer camp for stupid latent labor...yeah, that night Jessie had Zooey.

She also got to meet her cousins Riley and Nolan (Mike's brother Tim's boys).

At the end of the night she crashed with Cece.


  1. You sure do make some cute babies!

  2. Those pictures were absolutely precious :)

    I still can't believe my dad actually helped cook...