First Trip to the Pediatrician

Saturday we took Carli for her first visit to the pediatrician. They said that her coloring looked good and that any sign of jaundice was fading. They also said that she was gaining weight back - we weren't shocked considering how much she eats! Basically that everything looked perfect.

On Tuesday we are heading to the pediatric cardiologist for a new echo cardiogram. The one that was done last week to check on a hear murmur found that an artery leaving her heart may be in the wrong place. The pediatric cardiologist wants a new echo done to determine the severity of the problem and if/when corrective surgery would be done. Mike and I are both under the impression that this would be later in Carli's life (within the 1st decade is what they said), but I'm still worried and wish Tuesday would hurry up and get here so we know what's going on...but don't wish it would get here because my baby will already be a week old and that makes me sad!

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