Voting Lessons

Well I gave my boy a voting lesson today...lesson was - you should do it! George is out of school on fall break so he got to go with Mike and I to vote today. We had him pack a book bag full of toys and were prepared with snacks for a long wait. Instead we walked right to the table, got our ballot, voted, and picked up our stickers on the way out. It may have taken us longer to drive there.

Civic duty done! And we are apparently on CNN watch for the rest of the evening. I rented a movie today thinking Mike and I could cuddle up and watch it tonight, however, I was just informed that CNN would be our programming for the evening. When I questioned this logic I was told that it would be like not watching the football game and just checking the score online later...silly me, I think that sounds like a great idea!


  1. did you enjoy the holograms? I thought they were a little over the top, and by a little... I mean a lot!

  2. I would call it enjoying them...although I was somewhat amused. :)