Thankful For...

My friend Jamie is doing this amazing thing over at her blog...every day she is listing some items that she is thankful for and on Friday she got my wheels turning when she mentioned her husband, "Her wonderful Adam [husband]." Do you know how many blogs are one my blog roll...a lot - just look to the left and you'll see. Do you know how many spend time complaining about their husbands - many! Do you know how many blogs I've quit reading because I get sick of listening to them going on and on about their husbands and kids. One of my favorite blogs,, is still madly in love with her husband of over 10 years. Do you know how badly I hope that I'm still madly in love with Mike in 10 years, or two years? Right now I'm still shocked on a daily basis when he leaves and I realize how much I really miss him. Beyond that I enjoy spending time with him more than anyone many married couples can say that? I hope all of you! So here's what I'm getting at (yes, I have a point somewhere) - I hope you are thankful for your husband and I'd love to hear some comments about why.

Here's my current favorite reason for being thankful for my husband:

He came home from deer camp after his first day there because I was having contractions only to have nothing come of it. Now that is what would be expected of any husband, but do you know mine has yet to complain about that a single time! Not one dig. Not one I wish. Not one utterance of anything other then he was glad he made it home "in time".

I'm a lucky girl!

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