So looking at this picture is when I knew for sure that Carli is going to be big like George. For awhile I've been able to convince myself that since she might come early...although that has yet to happen...she'd be smaller. I also convinced myself that since this pregnancy has been SO different that my babies would also be different. But recently the similarities have started. The lack of room in my belly that makes my daughter keep her feet in my ribs 24-7 - just like George. The impossibleness of bending over without keeping my hand firmly on her little butt to keep it from going into my stomach, which then forces my food to want to come up - just like George. The huge struggle to breath if laying anywhere near my back...or rolling from one side to the other...or sitting up...or walking up stairs...or, well you get the pictures and yes - just like George. But this pictures is the proof positive way I can has finally happened. The thing I have managed to avoid this entire pregnancy. My nose is now taking over my face! Let the spreading begin...and seriously why did I not get my maternity photos taken last week - BEFORE THIS HAPPENED!!!! UGH!

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