The Secret to Relaxing

People are sometimes in awe of the fact that our lives involve seven little boys on a fairly regular basis. When I talk to people about my weekend I can see that look in their eyes that says why was four soccer games, and a sleep over for five or six, and a birthday party relaxing. I think what they really don't get is that our boys all generally get along - and quite frankly if there is any disciplining/yelling it's generally at them as a group and not separately because they do play well together. And on top of that we live in the "village" approach so whichever adult is closest handles the chore at hand.

Now obviously we have growing pains due to age differences - Benny (7), Andrew (7), Jake (6), George (5), Danny (4), Stephen (2) and Tucker (1) - but hey, that's going to happen. So in our weekend extravaganza us four girls commented several times on how well the boys were doing playing in Tiff's great room and keeping the littler boys entertained while we baked, and baked, and baked. So here's the secret to how I find this relaxing - I hate relaxing. I'm bad at it. I'm good at continuously doing something/anything to fill my time....a trait that I have unfortunately passed on to my son, which makes his daily question "what are we going to do?" when I pick him up from school somewhat exhausting right now. So there it is. I know I've not solved all your child related, mommy needs me time issues - I like chaos. I thrive on it and the fact that we are now adding two more to the number - yes, that makes it nine - is thrilling, exciting and time consuming as we will now have to figure out how to add barbies and dance classes to our schedule. I love my life!

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