Salt in the Wound

So did I mention that as Mike and I were leaving the hospital on Sunday night we got news that his cousin Jessie, who was due the same day as me, had her baby the night before. I am SOOOOOOOOOO happy for her and yes, I'll admit, SOOOOOOOOOOO jealous. :) I just saw pictures though and that's another BEAUTIFUL baby girl. Good vibes for Carli between Maddie and Zooey, oh, and Etta who I haven't got to see yet. So three girls down and Bailey gets to come tomorrow. That just leaves me, Michelle, Kelly, and Tiff. Well at least I know Carli will come out before Brenna or Jenna. Lot's of girls names in this post that may be confusing - let me clarify:

1. October 26 - Etta Faye (to Jennifer and Tim - Mike's cousins)
2. November 6 - Maddie (to Brian and Jenny)
3. November 15 - Zooey (to Jessie and Ben - Mike's cousins)
4. November 19 or 20 - Bailey (to Angie and Dane - I work with Angie)

then we wait....
Brenna belongs to Nate and Kelly, but isn't due til the end of December and Jenna belongs to Tiff and Gary and isn't due till February. At last word from Mike Jeremy and Michelle hadn't chosen a name yet, but their daughter is due the day before ours.

Doctor's appointment at 11:15 a.m. and I'll keep you posted!

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