Pumpkin Craziness

Sorry I'm so behind, but I think this is still worth seeing. So last Thursday Mike took George with him to go pick up Andrew from school. Andrew goes to Orchard Farm, which is in the middle of a bunch of cornfields. Apparently on their way home there was a trailer full of pumpkins and Mike and the boys decided we needed just one more pumpkin to round off our collection. This is what they came home with -

This monstrosity took up the entire front seat of Mike's car and he got it for a steal - ONLY $5 bucks!!!! Can you believe it! The pumpkin seeds in this thing looked like grapes...we wouldn't even toast them cause they were GROSS!

So Mike went to work on all four pumpkins and if I do say so myself did a great job! We got tons of compliments on the size and look of our pumpkins. Here's some pics!

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