My Unnecessary Worry

About a week ago I started worrying about how George was going to cope with this whole not Mommy's baby anymore thing. I've been wondering, but the actual stress and worry came last week when he came home from school and would talk to Mike and Andrew, but me, his mother, no, notta, nothing. When he did speak he just acted ticked off and crabby. I sent him to his room for being disrespectful, but for some reason felt guilty about that (damn pregnancy hormones). Anyway a few minutes of talking in his room and he comes up with - you love the baby more than you love me. WTH! She's not even here yet...should I already have to deal with this. Well obviously I did my best to dispel this horrible rumor he had in his head and left his room and went and cried. Since then I've continued to worry (however, that is not what is keeping me up in the middle of the night case you were wondering). Last night all of my worries left as I sat in the rocker in Carli's room talking on the phone. While I was rocking George was taking stuffed animals out of Carli's basket and putting them in the swing and vibratey seat thing (I don't know what you call that thing.). He'd strap them in, turn it on, even sing to them (oh, how he'll hate me for telling people this some day)...he even brought the stuffed animals blankies to cuddle with. It was the sweetest thing I've seen to date...and then I wrecked by asking if he was practicing for his baby sister - he said no, flipped Mr. Bear out of the swing and stomped out of the room. UGH!

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