Lonely Weekend

Today I embark on the start of my very lonely weekend. Instead of sharing the bed with my bestest, bestest friend (my super sexy husband) I have to share it with my bestest, bestest girlfriend, Bridget. We've been there before and it will be nice to have a break from the snoring in my ear, but still somewhat lonely.

Mike, Ben, Gary and Pop are all leaving today for deer camp. So that leaves Me, Bridget, Tiff and Mom ALONE...I mean alone except for the seven adorable boys that will be keeping us company all weekend. So rather then single parent separately we are combining the village. It's so much easier that way! Tonight, Drew, George and I head to Ma Ma Hessel's to camp out with everybody. Then tomorrow we'll all head to Tiff's for our annual Christmas Cookie Making EXTRAVAGANZA! After we completely exhaust ourselves cooking all day we'll pack up and head to my house for another sleep over. So wish me luck as I struggle through my weekend without Mike :( I just don't know what I'll do with my time.

Oh, and good luck guys! But mainly my guy cause there is no way I'm letting him leave me lonely next weekend too! And I'm apparently forbidden to have a baby until the 30 point buck has been field dressed and quite frankly folks - I'm sick of being pregnant!

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