Latent Phase

So labor has arrived. Apparently I've been in the latent phase of labor since about 5:15 last night. Nothing like a day of making Christmas cookies and your husband being 2.5 hours away to send your cervix over the edge...although, technically it isn't over the edge yet, just 70% there. So while Mike headed home Bridget took me to St. Luke's with contractions every 5 or so minutes. They even got to monitor some that lasted upwards of 2 minutes (woohoo!). I was a centimeter dilated on arrival so we did the norm and walked the hall's for an no avail. No change. So I was sent home with the famous line - "you'll be more comfortable at home". Oddly enough, I am. So today it appears that Mike and I will be laboring at home until I can't walk through the contractions and then we'll be headed back in. According to the labor nurse it could be 5 hours or it could be 20. We're at hour 14 right now and not much has changed...contractions every five minutes and I can still walk and talk through them. :(

Bring on the pain cause I'm ready and really don't want him to have missed a day of deer hunting for nothing!


  1. Congratulations.... you sure are a trooper. I made it 4 hours (with pitocin) then was dying for my epidural.

    I can't wait to see those chubby cheeks in daylight!!!

  2. Hope everything keeps moving along and you get to meet your little girl soon!