Popping the Cherry

Let me tell you how long I've had this blog name....oh, going on a year and a half now.

Let me tell you how often I've written a post....never. Well that's not completely true. I write them in my head on regular basis. Sometimes I even dump them out on my computer screen and then later - when the smoke has cleared - I trash them. Why? Because seriously, who wants to hear me rant on about my husband (who I love dearly, but everyone knows that no man is perfect and therefore, sometimes I must rant), my children (who I also love, but are getting more and more complicated everyday), my finances (enough said!) and the biggie - our ex's!!! Well the answer is probably no one, but the fact remains that I need to vent and so if no one but me reads this I'll feel better just for getting it off my chest - right??? And surely there will be days when posts are positive and uplifting... Oh, and who doesn't love to look at adorable photos of other people's children. Heck half the blogs I read are just because I love watching kids grow up. So here you go...admire my kiddos -

This is Andrew:

He's 7 (when did that happen?!). He's OBSESSED with Star Wars, tries hard at soccer and gives us ZERO trouble at school. Oh, and he's going to be a math genius and can complete more sides of a Rubik's Cube then I can (not saying a whole lot since I can't complete any sides, so the fact that he can complete one side makes him a genius in my book). The kid is growing like a weed and is going through pants sizes at the same rate as me (pregnant belly and all).

This is George:

George is 5 (again, when did that happen?!). He's not obsessed with anything except making me crazy. He also tries hard at soccer when he feels like it or when Mike offers him money from the sidelines and he does give us a trouble at school. George is our memory child...he can whoop all of our butts in a game of memory and keeps my grocery list in his head. He also has the nose of a bloodhound, which I'm sure will come in very handy when the new baby gets here (poor kid!).

So there you have it...I've popped the cherry. My first post!!! Call it what you want, but it's finished and that is all that matters.


  1. Very good...but you didn't mention anything about carly. Shes your kiddo too!!!

  2. You started yours for the same reason I started mine. I don't expect anyone to read what I write... but it gives me something to do while Aiden is napping and I don't feel like cleaning.

    Your kids are so handsome (I tried not to use "cute")

  3. Yea! I found your blog! I love blogs! It's officially on my bloglines now so I'll know when you update. You've seen how sporadic Norm's updates are (it usually happens when we get around to unloading the camera), so don't be too hard on yourself for not posting regularly. I do look forward to reading it when you do though!

  4. Don't worry...I'll get to Carli when there is something exciting to tell!