Pain with a Purpose

Contractions are so pointless when there is no point. When they don't dilate you, efface you, make you push, break your water or move you any closer to giving birth then what the hell is the point. I sat at work today for a solid hour and a half having contractions every 10-15 minutes. They'd last varying amounts of time. Make me EXTREMELY uncomfortable. Piss Carli off. And then move on. I'm freaking sick of that!!! Now I'm well aware that for finances sake I need her to stay put until midnight on November 7. I'm also very aware that if she came now she would probably need a day or two in the NICU, which would make me sad. So this is not a bitch blog about wanting her to come out. It's simply this - STOP THE DAMN CONTRACTIONS~!

My Mother says that I should look at it like my ab muscles will be VERY prepared for child birth....let me tell you something - if that's true I'll have six pack abs when this girl comes out!

Let me tell you something else because I know what my amazing husband is going to say to this...he's going to say that with all the complaining I'm doing about these hurting that there is no way he believes I'm giving birth naturally and that I'll cave and ask for the I'm just going to go ahead and address that now - pain with a purpose is MUCH easier to deal with!!!!

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