Organized Chaos

If anyone read my status update from Facebook Friday you know I was preparing for organized chaos at my house Friday night. You may have wondered what that was all about or you may really not care, but either way here it is - chaos, but note the organization.

My boys and my BFF's boys. From left to right this is Andrew, Jake, Danny, Benny, George and Tucker.
And in answer to your next question NO they do not normally all do the same thing, at the same time, together, without arguing. I'm really not sure what got into them, but knew no one would believe me without photo evidence. I'm thinking they knew their parents desperately needed a night out and that Aunt Rachel was freaking they took pity on me.
Whatever the reason we only had one kid cry, one glass spilled, one toy broke and everyone was in bed by 9:45....success!

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