Christmas in October

Nine times out of ten I will be the first to moan and complain about how early Christmas comes around in the retail world. There is one exception to this and it is something that I will GREATLY miss when I'm on maternity leave.

Did you ever wonder how long it takes Christmas Light Drive Thru places to put up ALL THOSE LIGHTS? Let me tell you cause I happen to know. It takes over a month. Seriously. Every morning in the dark I drive past Tilles Park on my way to work. In mid October they start putting up the Christmas Lights that are part of their Winter Wonderland. They test the lights early in the morning, so when I drive past they are all on and beautiful....I don't know why, but I have no problem with this. They aren't forcing it on me or anyone else and you can't drive through until around Thanksgiving, so it slowly breaks me into the Christmas a totally different way then 101.1 playing Christmas music at the beginning of October.

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