Wow! Notice Any Resemblance?

Is it possible to look any more like your Mother? We even look dazed and confused the same. CRAZY!!!!!

Guess How Many Pregnant Women I Know?

Jenny - Kelly - Me - Jessie - Tiffany
Well here's five of the eight I know...or knew at the time of this picture. Mike's cousin Jennifer had her baby girl on Sunday. So I guess now it's down to seven....Jenny's turn!

Baby Shower Pics

Note the excitement at opening dresses and pink things!

Christmas in October

Nine times out of ten I will be the first to moan and complain about how early Christmas comes around in the retail world. There is one exception to this and it is something that I will GREATLY miss when I'm on maternity leave.

Did you ever wonder how long it takes Christmas Light Drive Thru places to put up ALL THOSE LIGHTS? Let me tell you cause I happen to know. It takes over a month. Seriously. Every morning in the dark I drive past Tilles Park on my way to work. In mid October they start putting up the Christmas Lights that are part of their Winter Wonderland. They test the lights early in the morning, so when I drive past they are all on and beautiful....I don't know why, but I have no problem with this. They aren't forcing it on me or anyone else and you can't drive through until around Thanksgiving, so it slowly breaks me into the Christmas a totally different way then 101.1 playing Christmas music at the beginning of October.

Carli's Room

My baby girl's room is done with only one exception. I need to order another set of the wall wall looks great and is just how I want it, but I need more for the other two walls.

What do you think?

And here is her closet FULL of clothes after my shower! The girl has more clothes then me...well at least more than Mike! :)

More From Apple Picking

My Apple Picking Hero

Guess how much I love this guy? Love to tell you, but there are really no suffice to say he put Sunday Football on hold to drive 45 minutes listening to me whine about how Carli's head was firmly pressed against my bladder and I wasn't going to make it, with a little boy's feet digging into his back continously, in the heat, and then climbed to the tops of the trees to get me the best apples. Oh, and he acted like he liked it the whole time! Yep - he's a keeper - a real good apple!


This is my little brother - Vince. Although, if you are reading this you probably know that. Seriously the whole purpose of this post is to be able to post this ridiculous requires no words.
So here it is...oh, and I love him lots and lots too!

So Cooperative!

So both the boys are at this incredible age that requires you to really catch them off guard for great pictures. You must snap just as they turn and smile....otherwise you get this forced, squinty eyed, goofy look that Mike and I will make fun of them for in their teenage years (because that's what parents do!). So when I get the decent ones I like to share.

Matching Bra and Panties

Do you think I have a problem? Is it an issue that my five year old wanted to wear Batman underwear today because he is dressing up as Batman for his Halloween Party at school. Is it strange????? Should I worry about him???

Boo at the Zoo!!!

Saturday night we went to the Boo at the Zoo with my brother, Vince, his best gal, Emily, his roommate, Will, and my little brother, Mark. Seriously this event was WAY cooler a few years ago. It seems like each year they eliminate another neat thing. This year only the Children's museum was open - no penguin house, bug house, or herpetorium. That stinks! We had a good time anyway, but the highlight really was the funnel cake at the end!

Pain with a Purpose

Contractions are so pointless when there is no point. When they don't dilate you, efface you, make you push, break your water or move you any closer to giving birth then what the hell is the point. I sat at work today for a solid hour and a half having contractions every 10-15 minutes. They'd last varying amounts of time. Make me EXTREMELY uncomfortable. Piss Carli off. And then move on. I'm freaking sick of that!!! Now I'm well aware that for finances sake I need her to stay put until midnight on November 7. I'm also very aware that if she came now she would probably need a day or two in the NICU, which would make me sad. So this is not a bitch blog about wanting her to come out. It's simply this - STOP THE DAMN CONTRACTIONS~!

My Mother says that I should look at it like my ab muscles will be VERY prepared for child birth....let me tell you something - if that's true I'll have six pack abs when this girl comes out!

Let me tell you something else because I know what my amazing husband is going to say to this...he's going to say that with all the complaining I'm doing about these hurting that there is no way he believes I'm giving birth naturally and that I'll cave and ask for the I'm just going to go ahead and address that now - pain with a purpose is MUCH easier to deal with!!!!


Welcome to George's new obsession. Letter writing. Quite honestly...we are thrilled! George has really been rather uninterested in learning his letters and writing until Sunday. Now don't get me wrong, he loves to read - or rather to be read to. But knowing what those letters mean and how he can put them together himself has been a struggle...until this weekend. Sometimes I amaze myself with my own genius, of course more often then not I amaze myself with my own stupidity, but I have to give myself some credit for this one. I bought a postman kit. It has stationary, postcards, envelopes, fake stamps, and even a postmark stamp. On Sunday George "wrote" five letters and then wrote four more on Monday. I'm making him sound out at least the first letter that things start with and it has actually been the first time he's practiced writing without complaining...mainly because he hasn't figured out that he's practicing writing - he thinks he's playing - sneaky mom! Then we mail the letters. I just have to remember to pull them out of the mailbox and put real stamps and addresses on them. :) Keep a look out in your mailbox!

Guess Whose Room is Almost Finished?

Carli's!!!! Tucker helped Uncle Mike put the crib together Friday night.

Organized Chaos

If anyone read my status update from Facebook Friday you know I was preparing for organized chaos at my house Friday night. You may have wondered what that was all about or you may really not care, but either way here it is - chaos, but note the organization.

My boys and my BFF's boys. From left to right this is Andrew, Jake, Danny, Benny, George and Tucker.
And in answer to your next question NO they do not normally all do the same thing, at the same time, together, without arguing. I'm really not sure what got into them, but knew no one would believe me without photo evidence. I'm thinking they knew their parents desperately needed a night out and that Aunt Rachel was freaking they took pity on me.
Whatever the reason we only had one kid cry, one glass spilled, one toy broke and everyone was in bed by 9:45....success!

Writing the Book

So Andrew can now write a book on women. He knows EVERYTHING there is to know about the female species. In fact, the single most important thing there is to know about women that takes most men decades to learn...if they ever do...he's learned by the age of 7. Are you ready for it??? A direct quote:

"Do you know I heard on a cartoon that everything women say they mean the exact opposite? Isn't that weird."

Seriously, the kid can write a book on women.

Fall in Wentzville

Would you call this pathetic?

I swear we own 4 whole trees, two of which are taller than Mike - REALLY!! We are wealthy in the tree department compared to most in our neighborhood.

Is it disconcerting to you that Andrew thinks in fall you rake leaves and jump in them, but in his mind this is what that looks you think he wonders why this is supposed to be fun? Seriously, the piles I used to jump in where quite often taller than me. But hey, he found them, he raked them, he jumped in them....FALL IS HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Popping the Cherry

Let me tell you how long I've had this blog name....oh, going on a year and a half now.

Let me tell you how often I've written a post....never. Well that's not completely true. I write them in my head on regular basis. Sometimes I even dump them out on my computer screen and then later - when the smoke has cleared - I trash them. Why? Because seriously, who wants to hear me rant on about my husband (who I love dearly, but everyone knows that no man is perfect and therefore, sometimes I must rant), my children (who I also love, but are getting more and more complicated everyday), my finances (enough said!) and the biggie - our ex's!!! Well the answer is probably no one, but the fact remains that I need to vent and so if no one but me reads this I'll feel better just for getting it off my chest - right??? And surely there will be days when posts are positive and uplifting... Oh, and who doesn't love to look at adorable photos of other people's children. Heck half the blogs I read are just because I love watching kids grow up. So here you go...admire my kiddos -

This is Andrew:

He's 7 (when did that happen?!). He's OBSESSED with Star Wars, tries hard at soccer and gives us ZERO trouble at school. Oh, and he's going to be a math genius and can complete more sides of a Rubik's Cube then I can (not saying a whole lot since I can't complete any sides, so the fact that he can complete one side makes him a genius in my book). The kid is growing like a weed and is going through pants sizes at the same rate as me (pregnant belly and all).

This is George:

George is 5 (again, when did that happen?!). He's not obsessed with anything except making me crazy. He also tries hard at soccer when he feels like it or when Mike offers him money from the sidelines and he does give us a trouble at school. George is our memory child...he can whoop all of our butts in a game of memory and keeps my grocery list in his head. He also has the nose of a bloodhound, which I'm sure will come in very handy when the new baby gets here (poor kid!).

So there you have it...I've popped the cherry. My first post!!! Call it what you want, but it's finished and that is all that matters.